See things....

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.... from a

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Our drones capture high resolution images and 4K ultra high definition video. We specialise in property photography and filming.


We can conduct inspections of buildings and structures in hard to reach areas


All media captured can be provided in its RAW format or fully edited for its intended purpose




Having been operating the latest drone technology for a number of years we have plenty of experience in capturing that perfect photograph or video to promote your business, property or event.


As a PfCO holder (Permission for Commercial Operation no. 8002 – also commonly known as a drone licence) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) enables 361 Aerial Media to legally undertake commercial drone work within the UK.

We can legally fly up to 400 ft. (122 meters) above ground level and 500 meters away horizontally while maintaining visual line of sight. We can also undertake night time flights with extra precautions and reduced flight distances. A PfCO enables us as drone pilots to legally operate at closer distances to people and property in congested areas than a recreational drone user – 100 meters closer in most cases.


A valid PfCO ensures that the drone operator is qualified (NQE) and has been assessed as competent in theoretical knowledge and airmanship and to be competent to the set standards of practical flight. In addition a PfCO ensures that a valid insurance policy is held – our world wide commercial insurance policy with Coverdrone (policy no. CDA22065001GBP) includes public liability for up to £1,000,000.


We are happy to provide evidence of qualifications, PfCO and insurance documents at any time.


Safety of operation is our number one priority and clients can rest assured that flights will be conducted legally, to the standards of the current Air Navigation Order and limitations and conditions of the issued PfCO. Processes of each flight involve creating flight plans and risk assessments, site assessments, completing pre / post flight checks and keeping logs of pilot / aircraft flight times, battery usage, incidents and defect / maintenance schedules.


Please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote or if you require any further information.